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As its name signifies, JustAddCommerce (JAC) is plugin shopping cart software for Adobe Dreamweaver and now-discontinued Microsoft FrontPage. As such, it possesses only basic shopping cart functionality, and it does not have the breadth of tools found on full-featured shopping cart solutions. You'll also need your own website hosting and knowledge of HTML to design the online store.

The biggest benefit of this shopping cart software is JAC's versatility. For example, it allows you to apply as many product tags to each item as you want. The pricing adjustment options are also flexible; you can assign fixed and percentage-based prices or different pricing formulas to the same product.

JAC boasts impressive administrative features when it comes to reporting and tracking customers. The shopping cart system can run a number of sales reports, including summarized, detailed and geographic sales reports. Additionally, JAC tracks all customer information for up to one year, and you can export customer information in XML format. The emailing options are excellent at well, with automatic order confirmation and the ability to send promotional email campaigns.

With JAC, you can program coupons and gift certificates, and accept payment in any currency, a nice feature for international sales. You can program it to back up your store, but of course, the website security depends on your hosting rather than the program. It does, however, create a secure socket layer for credit card transactions and provides a free SSL certificate for you to show customers.

As a plugin application, JAC lacks many of the features found in the other shopping cart software we reviewed. The shopping cart does not have the ability to manage backorders and partial shipments on your site, and there is way to import products in bulk. It also lacks many of the usual marketing features, product comparisons, Facebook store generation, loyalty programs and the ability to integrate with eBay or Amazon.

JustAddCommerce Summary:

JAC performs its basic shopping cart functionality well; it enables you to have a professional online store setup so customers can select products and place orders on your existing eCommerce website. However, this shopping cart software is not very rich in functionality and requires familiarity with web development. We would recommend looking into JustAddCommerce if you are already adept with Dreamweaver or FrontPage.

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JustAddCommerce 6

JustAddCommerce has flexible email configuration options, and you can apply any tags you want to each product in your inventory.

It's a plugin shopping cart, so JAC isn't fully functional on its own; you'll need Dreamweaver or FrontPage to manipulate it and an eCommerce website on which to attach the online store.

The Verdict
: 2.7/10

While it possesses some beneficial features, JAC has a lot of limitations compared to the other full-featured shopping carts on our lineup.