• Tips for Creating Your Small Business Website



    Creating a business can be a daunting task, particularly an online business where your competition is equally available with just a few clicks. To make your small business website stand out from the others, there are a few tips and tricks to assist you that don't require the most advanced and expensive tools. With a little TLC and by avoiding common mistakes, you can build a business website that you will be proud of.

    Make it Attractive

    One of the quickest ways to lose customers is a confusing and unattractive website. You want a design that is aesthetically appealing in every aspect. Make sure that it is professional but offers unique characteristics that will set it apart from other sites. Do not settle for standard templates when designing your site either. Most shopping cart software, for example, features templates that are fully customizable that allow you to adjust the site's appearance to satisfy your needs and desires. This ensures that you will not stumble across four or five other websites that look identical to your own.

    One important key when working on the design of your website is to ensure that it is easy to use. Make all of the most important information easy to access and find. Also, make sure that your contact information and help guides are displayed clearly on a prominent page. If any problems, questions or concerns do arise while your customers are using the site or your products, they won't become discouraged or irritated while trying to find answers to their questions.

    Create Clear and Concise Content

    A small business website should not be covered entirely with graphics. Original, quality content is the key to bringing traffic to your site. However, you must be careful about what you write. Customers can quickly lose trust in a company by reading content on its webpage that does not address their main needs and concerns. Read all your site's content several times before you publish it to ensure that it is grammatically correct and contains proper punctuation and spelling. Also, think critically about all written content you produce. If customers find any reason to doubt your credibility, expertise or professionalism, they will not give you their business.

    Think About SEO

    Without thinking about search engine optimization for your site, it will be difficult for your customers to find you. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving your website so it ranks higher on search engine results. This is done by editing your site's content, links, coding and several other factors. Many individuals specialize in SEO and can help you increase traffic to your website. Alternatively, many shopping cart software products and other applications offer SEO tools to help you integrate basic SEO practices into your website.

    Make Security a Priority

    When many customers are working with a small business website, they can be wary of the information security the site provides. By letting your customers know the security features you have set in place, you will quickly gain their trust and they will be less likely to second-guess their decision to purchase a product on your website. Information about the security protocols you use can be displayed in several different areas on your website, and it never hurts to place it on the homepage and the webpages involved in the checkout process.

    Be Creative and Have Fun

    When establishing your own small business website, it doesn't have to be serious and severe. Be creative with your business plan and find a design that is fun, exciting and unique. Have fun when you're working on your small business website because the more fun you have creating it, the more fun your customers will have using it.

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