X-Cart by Qualiteam Software is an eCommerce solution that includes customized website design, comprehensive inventory management, essential security features and extensive customer support. X-Cart isn't the easiest to use of the eCommerce software in our lineup, but if you have some HTML knowledge, this program holds advantages over other shopping cart software.

X-Cart comes with 12 free templates, with 34 others available for purchase. You can customize any of the templates, although some HTML knowledge is required to do more in-depth tailoring, such as changing the layout or altering color schemes. Unless you are making minor changes to the templates, like adding images or logos, the design section is more difficult to use than other shopping cart software we reviewed. X-Cart does offer full design and customization services, plus logo and web-graphics creation.

While it’s not the most intuitive shopping cart software, it is packed with rich features. You can upload an unlimited number of hard and soft goods. X-Cart even boasts customers with more than one million products listed.

With X-Cart software, your webshop can handle multiple languages and currencies for international sales. It is also mobile-friendly for your clients who shop using smartphones or tablets. The Business Premium Plan caters to eCommerce businesses with third-party sellers or affiliates.

X-Cart boasts comprehensive inventory control, including detailed product statistics and inventory level management. It comes with the usual marketing and shopping cart features. Your customers can rate products on your online store, but you retain control over the ratings, editing and deleting them as you see fit. The shopping cart software also provides integration with all major shipping carriers, payment gateways and social media networks.

This webshop software has a lot of flexibility. For instance, you can limit customer access to certain product and set different pricing options for the same product. It also lets you automate shipping and tax estimates based on your approved shipping destinations.

The shopping cart software also has a massive online knowledgebase and community forums for both beginners and developers. Lastly, your back office is web-based, so you can conveniently access it and its included help resources from any internet browser.

X-Cart lacks some features, like in-house credit card processing and the ability to have a live chat box on your website. More importantly, it charges extra for several of its features, such as PCI compliance and SSL certification as well as Amazon or eBay integration. Most of the higher-ranking software offer these as part of their packages. Direct technical support is only offered for a year. After that, you must purchase technical support.

X-Cart Summary:

X-Cart has some great features not found in other shopping cart software, but it lacks several common features and charges extra for some features other competitors offer as part of their packages. Nonetheless, X-Cart can create an online store that caters to an international clientele.



X-Cart can handle multiple languages for international sales.

Some HTML knowledge is required to fully utilize the software, most notably its site design component.

The Verdict
: 8.53/10

X-Cart delivers comprehensive inventory controls and useful shopping features, but works best if you have HTML skills.