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PROS / X-Cart can handle multiple languages for international sales.

CONS / Some HTML knowledge is required to fully utilize the software, most notably its site design component.

VERDICT / X-Cart delivers comprehensive inventory controls and useful shopping features but works best if you have HTML skills.

X-Cart includes customized website design, comprehensive inventory management and essential security features. Other companies have more user-friendly interfaces, but it has an advantage over other top shopping cart software because you can use X-Cart to build an online store separate of its hosting.

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Its hosting plans have upper limits not found in many other shopping cart solutions. They max out at 10GB for storage and 65GB for bandwidth. While 65GB of bandwidth is a respectable amount, you could run out of space if you store memory-large items, like videos, downloads and high-density images. However, you can also purchase X-Cart separately and use the software to create an online store hosted with a different provider. This is a nice option if you like X-Cart's features but need a little more space for your store.

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X-Cart comes with a handful of free templates, with more available for purchase. X-Cart offers full design and customization services, plus logo and web-graphics creation. You can customize any of the templates, although some HTML knowledge is required to do more in-depth tailoring, such as changing the layout or altering color schemes. Unless you are making minor changes to the templates, like adding images or logos, the design section is more difficult to use than other top shopping cart software we reviewed.

Although not as intuitive as other shopping cart software we reviewed, it is packed with rich features. With X-Cart software, your webshop can handle multiple languages and currencies for international sales. It is also mobile responsive for your clients who shop using smartphones and tablets. The top plans cater to businesses with third-party sellers or affiliates. There is a built-in point-of-sale system for handling your brick-and-mortar store as well as integration with Amazon and eBay stores.

This webshop software has a lot of flexibility. For instance, you can limit customer access to certain products and set different pricing options for the same product. Your customers can rate products on your online store, but you retain control over the ratings, editing and deleting them as you see fit. Its ability to translate your store into multiple languages makes it stand out among its competitors.

X-Cart requires you to purchase the SSL certificate through Comodo, a well-known provider of SSL certificates. However, the software is SSL encrypted to 128 bits with the option of upgrading to 256 bits. It's also PCI compliant, and X-Cart provides fraud-protection and fraud-scoring abilities.

The FAQs are not searchable and the phone support is limited, but the user guides are thorough and take you step-by-step through the features. This eCommerce service also has developer guides that address making changes to the software itself.


X-Cart has some great features not found in other top shopping cart software, such as the ability to handle multiple languages and currencies, making it worth considering if you have an international online business. Since you can purchase the software without hosting, you also have some additional flexibility as to hosting and even altering the program. Nonetheless, it lacks several common features and charges extra for some features competitors offer as part of their packages.

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